How to disable system replication


1. Stop the secondary system:

sapcontrol -nr <instance_number> -function StopSystem HDB

2. On secondary system unregister the secondary system:

How to perform takeover in SAP HANA Replication


  1. Perform a takeover on the secondary:

    hdbnsutil –sr_takeover

SAP HANA Operation modes


Operation modeSAP HANA VersionDescriptionAdvantages
delta_datashippingno restrictionSynchronization between primary and secondary site is implemented via regular delta data shippings from primary to secondary site.
  • Memory footprint of secondary site can be smaller as column store tables don't have to be loaded during system replication
  • As a consequence it is possible to set the global_allocation_limit (SAP Note 1999997) and run an additional non-production system on the same machine.
  • History tables are generally supported (for logreplay modes the restrictions described in SAP Note 2480889 apply)