How to remove the ABAP ADD-ONS from the SAP S/4 HANA Systems


The SAP Add-On Installation Tool, not only can you install ABAP add-ons, but you can also uninstall them again in certain circumstances.
The following sections provide the most important information about uninstalling ABAP add-ons as well as a list of previously available add-ons that can be uninstalled.
The uninstallation of ABAP add-ons can result in unintentional data loss. Read this SAP Note thoroughly before starting an uninstallation. It contains further information and steps that might be required for the preparation and postprocessing of the uninstallation.

During the uninstall process, the system checks and ensures the existence of the minimum versions of the kernel, tp, and R3trans.

Uninstall Process.

When you trigger the uninstall process for an add-on with the SAP Add-On Installation Tool, the tool searches the system for content that belongs to the add-on that is to be deleted:

All content contained in installation packages, upgrade packages, and support packages of the add-on
Content generated automatically by SAP Notes for the add-on
Content created manually in development packages that belong to the add-on
Based on this, the tool creates a list of objects that must be deleted to uninstall the add-on. The tool also checks the following:

Are there any dependencies between the objects in the piece list and other content?
Have the objects been modified by the customer?
Are the objects active?
Do the objects belong to different software components?
If objects with errors are identified during these checks, these objects cannot be deleted until the errors have been corrected. This occurs at the end of the check phase, partly automatically and partly manually.

When all checks have been successfully completed, the SAP Add-On Installation Tool removes the objects to be deleted from the system and changes the system status accordingly.

List of ABAP add-ons that can be