1904141 - Studio crashes with "GC overhead limit exceeded"

SAP HANA Studio Crashes

When trying to start SAP HANA Studio it crashes immediately with the following error:
GC overhead limit exceeded

SAP S/4 HANA DB Administration and Monitoring

Administration and Monitoring

DBACockpit Commonly used T-Code for DB Administration and Monitoring 
DBA Cockpit for SAP HANA is a tool to monitor and administer SAP HANA databases in an ABAP environment.
 DBA Cockpit can be used for below list.
  • Monitor and administer local or remote SAP HANA databases
    More information: Administration and Monitoring Functions and Central Calendar in Related Information
  • Manage central configuration
    DBA Cockpit offers functions to manage the database connections and configurations for an entire system landscape.

User Authorizations for Backup and Recovery

Authorizations for Backup and Recovery

To perform Backup and Recovery a user should need appropriate roles/authorization. this roles/authorization determines whether tasks are performed at DB/System levels.