The New Client Copy Tool for S/4HANA


The client copy tool has been renovated and will include multiple updates, starting with SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP 7.54

Improved Tools


Old Transaction

New Transaction


Local Client Copy



Copy a client within the same system.

Remote Client Copy



Copy a client between two systems using an RFC connection.

Client Deletion



Delete a local client.

Client Export



Export a client to a transport request.

Client Import Post Processing



Run Client Import Postprocessing after importing an exported client into a local system.

The following new tools are now available:
New Tools

Client and Table Size Calculation


Determines the size of a client - due to HANA compression, this is only an approximation if more than one client is filled. The tool also supports selective size determination for specified tables.

Cross-Client Comparison


Compares two clients within the same system.

Cross-System Comparison


Compares two clients in different systems using an RFC connection.

Changes and Improvements

The Client Copy Tool contains the following improvements:

  • Improved performance: Up to 10 times faster than before using native HANA capabilities. The Remote Client Copy tool is up to 5 times faster than before.

  • Improved security and reduced manual effort: User SAP* is no longer needed to perform client copies so that system does not need to be restarted. Task lists are available for automation.

  • Improved stability: The Client Copy application exits now run in isolated environments. Failed exits and tables are stored in the log.

  • Improved log: The Client Copy log has been transformed from a file-based to a table-based UI with additional information and better persistence. The tool offers multiple tabs for different sections of the log, such as Header Data, Deleted & Copied Tables, Application Exit Messages and Runtime Measurements.

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