SAP Printer Configuration for Vendor HP


The company HP is member of the SAP Printer Vendor program and offers within this program connection software support for the printer model / device type pairs listed below.

For general information about the SAP Printer Vendor program please check note 1130927.

The printer model / device type combinations are visible in the newest data version of the "device type wizzard". Please read note 1036961 for a description how to use the device type wizard and how to select one of the combinations shown below.

The device types are delivered as attachments to this note. Please download the files and proceed with the installation as described in note 1103422.

Certain features of the device types become active only with the following releases and support package levels:


Supported Printer model/ device type combinations:

Consecutive Number Printer Model device type


001                    HP CM4730             HPLJCM1

002                    HP CM6030             HPLJCM1

003                    HP CM6040             HPLJCM1

004                    HP M3027 mfp          HPLJCM1

005                    HP M3035 mfp          HPLJCM1

006                    HP M4345 mfp          HPLJCM1

007                    HP M5025 mfp          HPLJCM1

008                    HP M5035 mfp          HPLJCM1

009                    HP M9040 mfp          HPLJCM1

010                    HP M9050 mfp          HPLJCM1

011                    HP LJ M4555 mfp      HPLJCM1

012                    HP CLJ CM4540 mfp     HPLJCM1

013                    HP LJ Pro 400 Color M451      HPLJCM1

014                    HP LJ Pro 400 Color M475      HPLJCM1

015                    HP LJ 700 color mfp M775      HPLJCM1

016                    HP LJ 200 color MFP M276      HPLJCM1

017                    HP LJ Pro 500 Color mfp M570  HPLJCM1

018                    HP LJ MFP M725        HPLJCM1

019                    HP LJ M830               HPLJ830             

020                    HP CLJ M880             HPLJ880

021                    HP LJ Pro M435nw      HPLJCM1 

022                    HP LJ Pro M521           HPLJ521

023                    HPLJPro400CLMFPM476 HPLJ476

024                    HPOfficeJetCLMFPX585   HPOJ585

025                    HPCLJMFPM680            HPLJ680

026                    HPLJMFPM630              HPLJ630

027                    HPLJProMFPM225         HPLJ225

028                    HPCLJProMFP277         HPLJ277

029                    HPCLJProMFPM477        HPLJCM1

030                    HPLJProMFPM426fdn    HPLJCM1

031                    HPLJProMFPM427fdn   HPLJCM1

032                    HPLJEnterpriseMFPM527   HPLJCM1

033                    HPCLJEnterpriseMFPM577   HPLJCM1

034                    HP LJ  500 mfp M525dn  HPLJCM1

035                    HP LJ MFP E87640,E87650,E87660 HPLJCM1

036                    HP LJ MFP E82540,E82550,E82560 HPLJCM1

037                    HP LJ MFP E77822,E77825,E77830 HPLJCM1

038                    HP LJ MFP E72525,E72530,E72535 HPLJCM1

039                    HP LaserJet MFP M227fdw   HPLJCM1

040                    HPLJProM706MFP       HPLJ706

041                    HP LJ MFP M631           HPLJCM1

042                    HP LJ MFP M632           HPLJCM1

043                    HP LJ MFP M633           HPLJCM1

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