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1. Where do I find central information about SAP HANA?

2. How can I determine SAP HANA topology details?

3. What do SAP HANA error codes mean?

4. What has to be considered for BW on SAP HANA and BW/4HANA?

5. What has to be considered for Suite on HANA and S/4HANA?

6. How can the configuration and performance of the SAP HANA hardware, firmware and operating system be checked?

7. What has to be considered when opening an SAP incident?

8. What are the requirements for SAP support service deliveries in SAP HANA environments?

9. What has to be considered for sizing SAP HANA?

10. How can I check the technical consistency of the SAP HANA database?

11. Where can I find information about backup, restore and recovery of SAP HANA?

12. Which trace options exist in the SAP HANA environment?

13. Which limitations exist for the SAP HANA database?

14. What are rule of thumbs for the performance and throughput of SAP HANA operations?

15. Is it possible to run multiple SAP applications on a single SAP HANA appliance?

16. Which clients are supported for SAP HANA?

17. Which timeouts exist on SAP HANA side?

18. What kind of Auto Commit options exist for SAP HANA?

19. Where do I find logs and traces of SAP HANA?

20. How can logs and traces of SAP HANA be purged?

21. What are typical differences between SAP HANA and Oracle?

22. How can I check when a SAP HANA object was accessed / modified last time?

23. Can a SAP HANA database be renamed?

24. Can a SAP HANA schema be renamed?

25. Where do I find more information related to SAP HANA data tiering/data distribution options?

26. Where can I find information related to SAP HANA Live?

27. Is it possible to configure an e-mail notification in case of critical SAP HANA states?

28. Is there a standard recommendation for setting SAP HANA parameters?

29. Does SAP HANA support timezones?

30. What has to be considered in terms of the daylight saving time and leap seconds?

31. Where can fragmentation occur in SAP HANA environments?

32. Which administration and monitoring tools exist in SAP HANA environments?

33. What has to be considered when using liveCache in SAP HANA environments?

34. Where can I find an overview of SAP HANA features introduced with certain patch levels?

35. Where can I find information about available, used and deprecated features?

36. Does SAP HANA provide a history of DDL operations?

37. What is the difference between the SAP HANA enterprise edition and the SAP HANA platform edition?

38. Are there any special SAP HANA options that can be purchased on top of the standard SAP HANA edition?

39. Where can I find central information about SAP HANA host and service startups and shutdowns?

40. How can a critical SAP HANA session be terminated?

41. Which types of dumps can be created in SAP HANA environments?

42. How can standalone databases or individual tables be migrated to SAP HANA?

43. How can system copies be performed in SAP HANA environments?

44. How are fetch sizes defined in SAP HANA environments?

45. What can be reasons for unexpected or wrong results of SAP HANA database requests?

46. What kind of temporary and non-persisted tables can be created with SAP HANA?

47. How can the content of this and other SAP Notes with broad tables be displayed properly?

48. How can a SAP HANA connection for SAP support be established?

49. How can I provide input about useful SAP HANA features?

50. How can the historic growth of the SAP HANA database be determined?

51. How can I analyze ABAP short dumps generated in context of SAP HANA?

52. How can I set up notification and filtering for important SAP Notes?

53. How can I find HotNews released for SAP HANA?

54. Which ABAP structure changes require a conversion on SAP HANA level?

55. What are the rules and restrictions for the SAP HANA system ID?

56. What is the difference between system ID, database name and instance ID?


1. Where do I find central information about SAP HANA?

SAP Notes 1514967, 1523337 and 2536742 contain central information and important links for SAP HANA.

Documentation for SAP HANA is available at http://help.sap.com/hana. Particularly important for the technical SAP HANA administration is the SAP HANA Administration Guide.

SAP Note 2402628 describes how to find SAP HANA documentation for earlier Revisions.

SAP HANA software can be downloaded via the SAP Software Download Center (SWDC).

Useful troubleshooting information can be found in the SAP HANA Troubleshooting and Performance Analysis Guide.

At SAP Press the books SAP HANA Administration and SAP HANA 2.0 – An Introduction are published.

The following FAQ Notes and SCN references for central SAP HANA topics exist:

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