FAQ: SAP HANA Parameters


You have questions related to SAP HANA parameter settings.




1. What is the purpose of SAP HANA parameters?
2. What are indications for wrong SAP HANA parameter setttings?
3. Can parameters be set on different layers?
4. Where can the configured SAP HANA parameters be found?
5. How can parameter settings be accessed via SQL?
6. How can parameters be adjusted?
7. Where do I find a parameter reference?
8. Does SAP recommend specific parameter settings?
9. How can I check if my SAP HANA parameters are set optimally?
10. Why are some sections and parameters not visible in the configuration files?
11. How can I identify the SAP HANA default value of a parameter?
12. Why is the parameter consistency_check_at_startup reported as explicitly set although I have never set this parameter?
13. Are parameter names and values case-sensitive?
14. How can I find out when parameters were changed?
15. What happens if I specify a wrong parameter name or value?
16. Which parameters require a database restart to take effect?
17. Is it necessary to restart the complete SAP HANA database so that offline parameters take effect?
18. What is the hdbparam tool?
19. Are parameter changes propagated in system replication environments?
20. How can I check which parameter values are currently used by the system?
21. How can parameter changes on the secondary site of a SAP HANA system replication environment be activated?
22. Where do I find the topology.ini parameter file?
23. What can be responsible for adjusted parameters like num_merge_token, auto_merge_decision_func or critical_merge_decision_func?
24. What has to be considered in terms of parameter settings in multitenant environments?
25. Are host-specific parameters taken over in case of a SAP HANA host auto-failover?
26. What happens with parameter settings during SAP HANA upgrades?
27. Are there parameter settings beyond the standard parameter files?
28. Why do I sometimes see both a SYSTEM and a DATABASE setting for the same parameter value?
29. Which privileges are required to adjust SAP HANA parameters?
30. Can parameters be set on session level?
31. Do I have to check parameters for all SAP HANA databases?
32. How can Boolean values be represented?