Transport control program tp ended with error code 0200, Permission Denied


 Request does not add into import queue. You got the following error when you try to adjust already added requests.

1) Try to adjust the import queue

2)  Once you find the error check the Alert View

3) The following error will be shown as below:

Transport Control program tp ended with error code 0200

ERROR: see tp’s stdout (Standard out may not be available)


4) When double clicking in the message TP_REPORTED_ERROR you have the following information:

This is tp version <TP version> (release 7XX, Unicode enabled)

/usr/sap/trans/cofiles/K90XXXX.<SID> for transport: <SID>K90XXXX: Permission

HALT 2017071930034

ERROR:'/usr/sap/trans/cofiles/K90XXXX.<SID>': cant open

:Permission denied (/bas/7XX_REL/src/cts/tp/tpfsacc.c:1807)

ERROR: EXIT(16) -> process ID is: <XXXX>


Either the owner or permission is not correct in the Target system or Source system.


Check the owner of the Request (SIDK9XXXXX) which is in question in target as well as source system. 

The ownner should be <SID>adm: sapsys format.

Check the permission of cofiles and data file of problematic TR in /usr/sap/trans/cofiles and for data file please check under /usr/sap/trans/data in both the system. i.e. Source and Target system.

The cofiles and data files should have at least 755 permission assigned to it.

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