SAP Material Management Video Training Materials

SAP MM Course Curriculum:

1.     Introduction to SAP

1.     Discussion on ERP and other ERP clients in the market
2.     Comparison with SAP to other ERP clients and focusing on the points of SAP over other ERP clients
3.     Introduction to SAP screens and ways of calling the transaction
4.     Definition on Configuration and Customization

2.     Organization Structure

1.     Definition on Organization elements Client
Company Code Plant
Storage Location Purchasing Group
2.  Assignment of Organization elements and making of Organization structure

3.     Master Data in Material Management

1.     Configuration and customization activities on Material Master
2.     Configuration and customization activities on Vendor Master
3.     Configuration and customization activities on Info Record Master
4.     Configuration and customization activities on Source List Master

4.     Procurement Cycle

1.     Discussion of complete procurement cycle from Demand to Supply in real time perspective

5.     Purchase Requisition

1.     Direct Purchase Requisition
2.      Indirect Purchase Requisition
3.      Configuration on Purchase Requisition

6.     Request For Quotation(RFQ)

1.     Configuration and Customization activities on RFQ

7.     Quotation

1.     Maintain Quotation
2.     Price Comparison

8.     Purchase Order

1.     Standard Purchase Order

Configuration on Document type Discussion on item category
2.  Subcontracting Purchase Order
Complete process discussion like creating Sub contracting PO, Goods Issue, GR. Creation and exploding of BOM
Details of consumption of components with respective movement types
3.  Consignment Purchase Order
Complete process execution like PO creation, GR and settlement.
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