How to take SAP HANA Back-up using HDBSQL Command

HDBSQL Command for taking DB Back-up

1) Login to the SAP HANA using putty with user name.

2) Connect to the DB server using user having Back-up Authorization.

hdbsql=> connect -n   -i   -u   -p

3) Execute the Back-Up SQL command.

after successfully completed you will receive message

Output: 0 rows affected (overall time 325.6463536 sec; server time 325.6473530 sec)

4)Check the Back-up.

To  check a data backup, you must call “hdbbackupcheck” for each part of the backup.
The program hdbbackupcheck imports the backup, checks the metadata for correctness and consistency, and checks whether the contents have changed.

Reference #SAP Note 1869119 – Checking backups with “hdbbackupcheck”