How to Start SAP HANA Instance

Starting SAP HANA Instances 

SAP HANA Instance can be started in four different ways

  1. SAP Control function
  2. SAP HDB Shell Program
  3. SAP HANA Studio
  4. SAP HANA Cockpit

We can see each different ways to start a SAP HANA Instances

1). SAPCONTROL Function

Starting Using SAPCONTROL called webmethod or function.To use sapcontrol you need to specify two parameters: the instance number and the function (case-sensitive) you wish to execute.

1) Login to the SAP HANA system as //To Login

2) sapcontrol -nr 90 -function Start.   // To Start

3)sapcontrol -nr 90 -function GetProcessList  // To get the Current Process List

To know more on sapcontrol function clickhere

2) Starting Using HDB SHELL

HDB is a shell script that acts as a program for the most important system administration commands

  1. Login as through Putty
  2. Execute the Shell command HDB start // Tot start HANA DB

3.Get HANA DB process running Type command   HDB info   //Display the current running process  of DB.

3) Starting using SAP HANA Studio

  1. Login to SAP HANA Studio using username and password.
  2. Right click on the system  From the Configuration and Monitoring  menu, you can then select Start System.
  3. Check the all the SAP HANA Services are up.

To know more about SAP HANA Studio Click Here

4). Starting Using SAP HANA Cockpit.

We can you HANA COCKPIT to administrate SAP HANA DB ,we will see how to Start a SAP HANA Instance  using Cockpit. 
  1. Enter the SAP HANA cockpit URL in your browser.
  2. Enter your cockpit user name and password.
  3. The SAP HANA cockpit opens. Resource Groups to which you are authorized are displayed.
  4. Open the link to the Resource Directory. Here you can see all the resources to which you are authorized.
  5. For each resource, set your database credentials.