SAP HANA Licenses

 Managing SAP HANA Licenses
     License keys are required to use SAP HANA Database. We can install and delete the license keys using the SAP HANA Studio, SAP HANA HDBSQL command line tool and HANA SQL Query Editor.

     The SAP HANA database supports two kinds of license key.
                    I. Temporary License Key
                    IIPermanent License Key

Temporary License Key:
            The temporary license keys are automatically installed with a new SAP HANA database installation. It is valid for 90 days from installation date. During this period we should request in service market place and apply permanent license key.

Permanent License Key:
The permanent license keys are valid until the predefined expiration date. It has to be requested on the SAP Service Marketplace under Keys & Requests and applied to the individual SAP HANA database. Furthermore they specify the amount of memory licensed to the target SAP HANA installation.

Note: Before a permanent license key expires, we should request and apply a new permanent license key. If it is expires, a temporary license key valid for 28 days is automatically installed. During this time, we can request and install a new permanent license key again.

There are two types of permanent license key available for SAP HANA
                    I.  Unenforced (SWPRODUCTNAME=SAP-HANA)
                    II. Enforced (SWPRODUCTNAME=SAP-HANA-ENF)

Unenforced License:
If an unenforced license key is installed, the operation of SAP HANA is not affected if its memory consumption exceeds the licensed amount of memory.

Enforced License:
If enforced license key is installed the system will be locked if memory consumption of HANA exceeds the license amount of memory plus some tolerance. If this happens HANA has to be restarted or a new license key should be requested, or a new license key that covers the amount of memory in use needs to be installed.Earn free bitcoin