Complete list OF SAP MODULES Functional

SAP Modules list is classified into 3 types, plus a list of SAP Industries specific module

      1) SAP Functional Module
2) SAP Technical Modules
3) SAP New Dimensional Modules also known as SAP New Modules.
Below are the Functional Modules
  1. SAP FI module: FI stands for Financial Accounting.
  2. SAP CO module: CO stands for Controlling.
  3. SAP CRM module: CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.
  4. SAP CS module: CS stands for Customer Service.
  5. SAP EC module: EC stands for Enterprise Controlling.
  6. SAP EHS module: EHS stands for Environment, Health & Safety.
  7. SAP FM module: FM stands for Fleet Management.
  8. SAP FSCM module: FSCM stands for Financial Supply Chain Management.
  9. SAP HR module: HR stands for Human Resources.
  10. SAP IM module: IM stands for Investment Management.
  11. SAP MM module: MM stands for Materials Management .
  12. SAP PLM module: PLM stands for Product Life Cycle Management.
  13. SAP PM module: PM stands for Plant Maintenance.
  14. SAP PP module: PP stands for Production Planning.
  15. SAP Product Costing: Product Costing deals with Plan Costing + Actual Costing of Finish products.
  16. SAP PS module: PS stands for Project Systems.
  17. SAP QM module: QM stands for Quality Management.
  18. SAP RE module: RE stands for Real Estate.
  19. SAP SD module: SD stands for Sales and Distribution.
  20. SAP SM module: SM stands for Service Management.
  21. SAP TR module: TR stands for Treasury.
  22. SAP WM module: WM stands for Warehouse Management.
  23. SAP LO module: LO stands for Logistics General.