Update of SAP System Component Repository in SLD

Update of SAP System Component Repository in SLD


When you implement or update a scenario, you must update the SAP Component Repository Content (SAP CR Content) in the System Landscape Directory (SLD) or the landscape management database (LMDB).

Other Terms

System Landscape Directory (SLD)
Software Lifecycle Management
Software Catalog
CIM Model
CR Content
Exchange Infrastructure (PI)
NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI)
Landscape management database (LMDB)

Reason and Prerequisites

The SAP Component Repository (SAP CR Content) is an integral part of the System Landscape Directory. It is the part of the data that is delivered by SAP. We recommend that you always use the latest version of SAP CR Content.

This is located on the SAP Support Portal on the "SAP Support Packages & Patches" page. The following items are available here:

1. The current CIM data model as the file cimsap....zip
2. A current SAP CR Content update as the file CRDelta....zip

The SAP CR Content is independent from the SLD release. Therefore, you must always import the latest SAP CR Content into each SLD. The Support Package numbering has no connection to the Support Packages of other components or products. The SAP CR Content is delivered for all releases.

SAP CR CONTENT can be imported in live operation; downtime is not required. The runtime is in the range of 1 to 30 minutes.

A user must have administration authorization to import the update into the System Landscape Directory. The AS Java system in which the SLD is installed must have at least SAP NetWeaver Version 2004. If the SLD is used as a cluster, you must observe the information in SAP Note 825116 for SAP NW 2004.


1. Determine the data model version and SAP CR Content version that are available in your SLD:

Choose "Administration -> Details -> Data" to see the current CIM model version and the version of the SAP CR Content (for example, 1.5.32 as the model version and SAP_CR 3.10 as the content version).

If no SAP CR Content exists in the SLD, you must initially fill the SLD first. When you install the system, this provides an initial content. The instructions for configuring the SLD are available in the SLD user manual at: