How to increase/decrease WPs in SAP

via report-> RS_MODIFY_WPS

To increase/decrease WPs through report-> RS_MODIFY_WPS. Steps are below->

1. In se38, Type report name
2. click on execute

3. get screen , modified the WPs  values and click on execute .

4. when checked in sm50, no changes in WPs

First check the Workprocess in SAP using T-code SM50

SM50 T-Code
the above screen shot is of SM50 where we can see the WorkProcess with standard 

We are going to update Workprocess with the Report RS_MODIFY_WPS

Use T-Code SE38 and Type RS_MODIFY_WPS and execute

Put how much you want as per your RAM Size

We made change the DIA and BTC

Now if we check the Workprocess in SM50 T-Code we can Find the updated in DIA and BTC