SAP BASIS Transaction Code SCC4

 Transaction Code  SCC4

This is a cross-client transaction; any changes made will affect all the clients in the SAP system. This is a controlled transaction which is to be authorized userid only.

T-Code SCC4

A client has various characteristics that are maintained considering for which purpose the client is used.

In the picture above, the client is 200 means the transactions that are carried in this client is only accessible for users assigned to this client. Logical system is a value which has dependency in the transactions as it gets tagged with the transaction data, if any change is done then the relevant data will be lost even though exists in the system. Hence making a change of the logical system once defined is not to be done in Production system. Client role defines for which purpose the client is used for, it can be

SAP reference client, Test client, Customizing client, Demo client or Production client. In Development the client 150 is set as Customizing client, client 160 set as Test client and client 170 as test client.

We also control here whether in this client changes can be carried out by authorized consultant, it can client dependent objects or client independent objects. Does the client is protected or not protected for over writing. Permission on CATT and eCATT functionality is permitted or no.

The checkbox at the bottom can be set according to the requirements. To protect from changes during client copy and performing a upgrade of software.