Unix Miscellaneous Commands

Unix Miscellaneous Commands

Command                     Description

telnet hostname              Connect to hostname using telnet program

who                          List logged in users

whoami                       Display current user

finger  [username]           Output user information

talk userid@hostname         talk to userid at given hostname

write userid                 write to userid screen/session

ping hostname                check if hostname is alive

man name                     Unix manual entry for name

pwd                          Print working directory

gs filename                  A postscript previewer

xv filename                  Image previewer  

date                         Print date & time

history                      Display recent commands

alias  [name]                Display command aliases

quota -v                     Display disk quota for User

head f                       Output beginning of file f

tail f                       Output end of file f

passwd/yppasswd              Change password

alias name1 name2            Create command alias

unalias name1[na2...]        Remove command alias na

script filename              Save terminal session to given filename
                             (Useful to store a.out)
logout/exit/quit/bye         End terminal session

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