Unix File Compression Command

Unix File Compression Command

Command                     Description

compress filename            Compressed filename
                             (filename will be replaced
                              by filename.Z(it will add .Z extension)
uncompress filename          Expand filename.Z into its original
                             size and remove .Z extension
                             (Reverse of compress command)
gunzip filename.gz           Expand filename.gz into its original size
                             and remove .gz extension
gzip filename                Compress filename with GNU zip(gzip) and
                             add .gz extension
zip zipname files            Create an archive compressed file called 
                             which contains all files                   

unzip filename.zip           Extract files from filename.zip.
                             (Reverse of zip command)
unarj filename.arj           Extract files from filename.arj

tar                          Create tape archives and add or extract files
                             (use man tar for more information)

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