Tcode to check the working status of SAP ROUTER

Tcode to check the working status of SAP ROUTER

You are going to monitor the SAP router or standalone SAP gateway or message server with CCMSPING agent with the -push argument. At the same time you want to use for this purpose data collection method CCMS_NI_PING_COLLECT.

The method CCMS_NI_PING_COLLECT will create a monitor structure in Transaction RZ20.
Monitor Collection SAP CCMS Monitor Templates, Monitor Availability and Performance Overview.
However, the availability for these nodes will not be reported.
This monitor indicate 0%.
Service port is correct.

Other Terms
Availability Monitoring, CCMS_NI_PING_COLLECT, CCMS Monitoring Architecture,

Reason and Prerequisites
The CCMSPING with -push argument is  using  a TCP/IP destination name syntax like 'CCMSPING.HOSTNAME.NN'  and the CCMS_NI_PING_COLLECT method is designed for a TCP/IP destination name 'CCMS_SYSTEM_PING_DEST'.However is trying to use syntax 'CCMSPING.HOSTNAME.NN'


To be able to monitor SAP router, standalone SAP gateway or message server. The RFC destination availability monitoring can be used.
    1. SM59 create a RFC destination with SAP router string like: "/H//S/<(router port)3299>/H/" or by defining the external gateway in the RFC destination instead of the local gateway.
    2. RZ21>Copy method definition "CCMS_RFCDest_Availability_Col" to your own and define all the parameter correctly as described in note 570083.
    3. the connection must be allowed in the saproutertab.
    4. as soon as the SAPRouter is down the RFC destination monitoring node will create a RED alert.

For monitoring the availability of an ITS it is better to use the GRMG monitoring functionality and just define a simple GRMG-Lite scenario for this.

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