SAP Tables Useful For Basis Admin

Accessing Tables
SAP Tables can be accessed and maintained by TCodes SE16 and SM30.
User Administration
USR01   -    User Master Table : Contains information we provide in SU01
USR02    -    Logon Data, Lock status, password in encrypted format
USR03    -    User Address data as we see is SU01
USR04   -       Profiles assigned to user
USR05    -    Parametes assigned to users; These values you can see in parameters tab in su01
USRSTAMP-    Last modification time to user. Eg. profile assignment, password change etc.
SAP Security
AGR1251         Authorization data for the activity group
AGR1252         Organizational elements for authorizations ( this table gives only organizational data)
AGR_DEFINE    Role definition
AGR_USERS    Rolese assigned to users
AGR_AGRS     Roles in Composite Roles
TOBJ                Authorization Objects
TDDAT              Maintenance Areas for Tables
TSTC                SAP Transaction Codes
TPGP               ABAP/4 Authorization Groups
USOBT            Relation transaction > authorization object
USOBX            Check table for table USOBT
USOBT_C         Relation Transaction   > Auth. Object (Customer)
USOBX_C        Check Table for Table USOBT_C
Transport Management System
E070        Give Request number, status, target client and Desrcription
E071        Request ID and Object Name
Client Administration
T000        Logical System description. Gives details from TCode SCC4.
Spool Administration
TST01           TemSe: List of objects and parts
TST02           TemSe: Protection rules
TST03           TemSe data
System Component Version
UVERS          Deployed component version
CVERS           Detailed deployed component version
SVERS           Kernel Release Number
Other Useful Tables

SMEN_BUFFC         To know end users favorite list of transaction codes