Authorization error when accessing the Agent Candidates Management

Web service ping failed with (RC=404)for CO_DIAG_WILY_WS_MANAGED_SETUP

The following authorization is thrown accessing the Agent Candidates Management through the Agent Administration -> Advanced Settings.

  • SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP05
  • SAP Solution Manager Diagnostics

Reproducing the Issue
  1. Access transaction SOLMAN_WORKCENTER
  2. Solution Manager Administration
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Framework
  5. Agent Framework
  6. Agent Admin
  7. All Agents
  8. Advanced Settings
  9. Agent Candidate Management

This issue is caused when the user does not have enough authorizations to access the application.


As of SAP Solution Manager 7.10 SP05 a new role has been introduced, now it is required to have the role SAP_RCA_AGT_ADM_VIA_SLD to access the Agent Candidates Management. In the Solution Manager 7.1 the step Connect Diagnostics Agents is available in the System Preparation at transaction SOLMAN_SETUP to manipulate the SMD Agents. The Agent Candidates Management should be used only in case the wizards in SOLMAN_SETUP are not sufficient. Therefore, the SOLMAN_ADMIN user do not have this role by default.