Troubleshooting the Landscape API in SolMan 7.1


In Solution Manager 7.1, if you encounter issues related to the customer's Landscape in applications like the Setup (prerequisite checks, system definition checks) or in the Landscape Browser (status checks), then follow this note.

Here are the common issues you may encounter:
    1. No Technical Systems have been found at Java side despite they exist at ABAP side. You can see the Technical System in the Managed System Setup or in the Landscape Browser but you get an error (TS is missing) when extractors or programs try to get it from the Java side.
    2. No Technical Systems or Hosts or Databases are showing up in the Managed System setup or in the Landscape Browser.
    3. Some Software Component Versions are missing or are not installed for a managed Technical System or for Solution Manager. E.g.: 'ST-A/PI 01N_700SOL is not installed'.
    4. Some Software Component Versions does not have the right support package level and then does not fulfill the prerequisite checks. E.g.: 'SAP_ABA does not fulfill the prerequisites (installed: 702 SP0006, expected: 702 SP0009)'.
    5. For Java engine >= 7.1 there should be no dispatcher at all (replaced by ICM.) E.g: 'The definition of Technical System 'BET~JAVA' is not correct: 'BET~JAVA': Java Dispatcher 'BET~JAVA~2465820' not expected for versions higher than 7.10.'.
    6. Software Component Version or Operating System are missing for a Host or a Database. E.g.: 'Host 'f21212122' must have an Operating System.'.
    7. Full Qualified Domain Name or IP address are missing for a Host. E.g.: 'No FQDN found in Host 'f21212122''.
    8. No path found for Installed Technical System or Instance or Node. E.g.:'DS1~MS_.NET': No Path found in Installed Technical System '%$$~MS_.NET~hebus4uddi''.
    9. No ABAP or Java Instance name found. E.g.:'No Name found in Instance 'SD7~JAVA~f21212122_!@@_00''.
    10. No Product Version found or no Diagnostics Product Version found.
    11. Missing ABAP/Java Central Service Instance.
    12. Missing Technical System elements (Host, Database, Instance)
    13. System Status not updated in Managed System Overview
    14. Syntax Error CL_DIAGLS_LMDB_FACTORY after an upgrade
    15. Wrong Support Package level for ST-A/PI. E.g.: 'The technical system has the required ST-A/PI but wrong Support Package.'
    16. SAP Solution Manager Diagnostics Software Prerequisites content is not up-to-date.

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