The ABAP program terminates with short dump STORAGE_PARAMETERS_WRONG_SET.

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Reason and Prerequisites
The session terminates because the maximum permitted or technically possible amount of memory (or, more exact: address space) has been exceeded.
  • On 64-bit platforms, the address space that can technically be used is sufficient. This termination usually occurs if operating system quotas or SAP system quotas have been exceeded.
  • On 32-bit platforms, the maximum address space that is technically possible is severely restricted. Here, the termination usually occurs because the technical limits of the operating system, which are usually below set quotas, have been exceeded The maximum address space available to an ABAP session is limited to a few 100 MB in the standard setting. Under certain circumstances, the space can be increased by a few 100 MB using special parameter settings; however, this will affect buffer sizes and therefore performance negatively.

Quotas are used to terminate sessions with unreasonably high address space and memory requirements in time to prevent other programs or the actual operating system from being negatively affected by resource bottlenecks.
If the error mentioned above occurred, you must determine if the terminated session exceeded a reasonable size, if the operating system limits or quotas have been exceeded, or whether higher quotas can be set.

The following explains how to determine the size of a session:
  • While the session is active:
           SM50-> Details: Size of the session while it is processed in a work process
           SM04-> Memory: Total size of all sessions within a log on, and sizes of the individual subsessions
  • After the session ended:
        ST22: Size at the time of termination
           STAT,STAD: Consumption at roll-out in the various process steps
           ST02-> Memory: Consumption of extended memory and process-local memory (heap)

The actual consumed address space may in some cases be larger than the size displayed. The reasons for this are:
  • The alignment data and administration data requires further bytes for each allocated memory portion. Depending on the average size of the allocated memory portions, an additional requirement of 10 % or more may result.
  • A fragmented address space may, in problematic cases, result in the problem that the memory can no longer be allocated, although sufficient address space is available. Fragmentation means that the free areas of the address space have, due to repeated allocation and release of space with unfavorable portion sizes, become too small to meet the requirement for a large, contiguous portion of memory space.
  • The session size at the end of the processing step is displayed in the overview of the statistic records. A temporary maximum size that occurred within the processing step is only displayed in the detail view. The maximum size provides more information especially for long-running steps such as batch jobs.

Memory classes

http://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/44528 (S-User required)