please check the order object list (inconsistency sobj)

HR-OM: Error message 5A378 inconsistency SOBJ

When the Correction and Transport System is active, a correction request is required for changes to the structural organization (Transaction PPOM). Error message 5A378 'Please check the order's object list (inconsistency SOBJ)' then occurs.
For the workflow-Customizing in the Business-to-Business Procurement delivery as of Release 4.5A, missing entries from the PD tax tables are reported. The user can obtain, for example, the information that table HRPAD21 does not exist as an entry on table SOBJ.

Other Terms

Reason and Prerequisites

An infotype defined by the customer is not defined in all transport-relevant areas.
In the Business-to-Business Procurement delivery, table entries were supplied in table T77AD which are not relevant to the Business-to-Business Procurement system.    SUSER Required 

Please follow these following steps :
1- Execute report RHSOBJCH. It produces a list of objects that include the "Supplement OBJS" or "Unnecessary in OBJS".
2- Select all of the objects.
3- Perform a reconciliation by choosing List -> Update selection. After the object list has been reconciled, table OBJS is consistent.
Please review instructions of oss note 60801.
You can check the SOBJ using report RHSOBJCH and follow this note even if it is not released for your version.
It should solve your issue,    SUSER Required