How many work processes should be configured?

This note answers the following questions:
  • How many work processes must and may be configured?
  • How do I see which work processes exist and what they do?
  • How do I set the number of work processes?

Other Terms
RZ04, RZ10, SM63, SM50, SM51, SM66

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Definition: In this note, "server" is a synonym for "instance".
Technical conditions:
  • DIA (dialog):
  • Number of processes: There must be at least as many processes as the total of configured non-dialog work processes on this instance (also see Note 934109).
  • If a J2EE instance (dual-stack instance) exists, the minimum number of DIA processes must be 5.
  • UPD (update):
  • Number of update servers: The update must occur on at least one server.
  • Release 2.1 and 2.2 :
    Only configurations with exactly one update server in the system are officially supported. The name of this server is defined by the system parameter rdisp/vbname. At least one UPD process must run on this server.

    In Releases 2.1 and 2.2, several update servers should be used only if absolutely necessary (performance). The parameter rdisp/vbname defines for each server where the update requests must be sent. At least one update process must run on each of these update servers. Also refer to Note 7209.
  • The following applies to Release 3.0:

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