client is currently locked against logon Client Copy | Client Delete

While performing SCC5 system gives following error "client is currently locked against logon"

One of the following errors occurs in a client copy:
    1. COMPUTE_INT_TIMES_OVERFLOW during tablespace analysis (LSCCRU08) after a test run.
    2. After a client copy has been carried out, the users cannot log on to the client. The message appears:
    Client temporarily blocked against logon.
    3. The error TIME-OUT occurs during a client copy.
    4. Release 4.5: Under Oracle and ADABAS it is possible that database errors are reported in the spool log which are not contained in the SCC3 log.
    5. Release 4.5: The following error message is contained in the copy log (TA145) WARNING: Table entries exceed 32000 bytes: &
    WARNING: Table entries exceed 4096 bytes: &
              Terminations occur in table KPP1CONT1, or another table that is wider than 32000 bytes is (e.g. with SAPSQL_ARRAY_WRONG_ALIGNMENT).
    6. A client copy or client export terminates after a long runtime. Copy phase is NX or NT.
    7. A copy terminates in exit RSSOUSCO_FOR_CC.
    8. Restart
    a) A copy started in the restart mode terminates after a few seconds.
    b) A client copy scheduled as a background job terminates after a short time. The log might even report 'Successfully completed'. However, nothing was copied.
    9. In the log, the following is displayed: TA109 ERROR: & table keys rejected due to incorrect source client
    10. As of Release 4.0, a termination DYNPRO_MGS_IN_HELP can occur during the profile maintenance (which is no longer permitted).

    11. During a client copy, which was started in the foreground, the system displays a dialog box "Error in object editing" with message TK690:   No changes for user &1 allowed  Choose "Display object" or "Cancel".
    Obviously you cannot exit the dialog box.



Try to logon to client 000 and run  transaction SCC3. Then retry to logon to the locked client.

for more Information use link: 350189