SAP General T-Codes

SAP General T-Codes

/nxyz Terminates current transaction, and starts transaction xzy

/n Terminates the transaction (corresponds to pressing F15 (=SHIFT-F3) to go back).

/nend Terminates all separate sessions and logs off (corresponds to System - Logoff

/nex Terminates all separate sessions and logs off immediately (without any warning!).

/oxyz Opens a new session and starts transaction xzy in the session.

/o Lists existing sessions and allows deletion or opening of a new session.

/i Terminates the current session (corresponds to System End)

/i1, /i2, ... Terminates the session with the number given. .abc Fast path:

 'abc' refers to the underlined letters in the menus.

 /h (/hs) Debugging mode (System funct.) search_sap_me nu Can either use T-Code in the search criteria or a description. “*” is not used as wildcard.

S000 SAP main menu
New Session Press SHIFT key and ”*” simultaneously

Start Menu Transaction ”ENTER” when transaction is marked